Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turn over

Living room area

Dinning area

Ground floor plan

Section 1-1

Design for a house renewal/addition. Light gray area defines the old format of the house. It's a typical country side house in Serbia - made with no plan and therefore not so functional, not to talk about estethics.
So, the clients wanted to large up their living area, to get the dinning area which was not defined previously
. Also, they wanted additional room on the ground and first floor. They only had stairs outside the house, which is not so practical since the winter here can be very cruel, specially since this house is a bit in the countryside. So, I imputed the inner stairs which were used also to divide living and dinning area.
They needed central heating room, so I suggested to use the space below ground level which became bigger with this change of ground and first floor.
In order to make those changes, the roof had to be shaped differently (which was also client's wish) and therefore, new construction took place of the old one.

The task was complete since the clients were very pleased. The design was done last year (2008.) but still waits for it's realisation (in another words - it waits economical crisis to pass).

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