Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Small, smaller, smallest!

So, here I am stuck in a small space and incredible demands of the client. They are renewing the room cause they need a double bed instead of single, but they wanted to preserve the wardrobe size and if it's possible to widen it. Also, they need a working table inside the room. There's a radiator desirable to keep the position under smaller window.
The solution consists of a package of a double bed near the window but with the box for the blankets and stuff. Also it can be used as a shelf for books. Working table is designed with minimal components - just a slab on two leaning points. Wardrobe is even bigger than previous and designed with the sliding doors. LCD TV is mounted on the wall and positioned for watching from the bed.
It's small and over stuffed but it has all that clients need and it feels cozy inside. Nice ambient to stuck yourself in for warm up and relax in the incoming winter days...