Wednesday, August 24, 2011

colors of India

A wardrobe/home office/guest room---for my dear Indian friend Rakhi and her new apartment in Belgrade. The room is specific due to the window arrangement. This way, we get 'deep' room with the problem of disposition of the furniture. Rakhi wanted this to be small home office and the wardrobe. Also with the possibility for the transformation into the guest room if possible. At first this sounded impossible to put all of that in such small space...but there's always a solution.
I positioned the working table near the window without blocking either doors. The bookshelf is behind the entrance doors. To solve the problem of a guest room I used a wall bed behind the office table. In case it should be used, the table goes all the way to the window and the bed can be folded down. I've found the great base of wall beds that you can also see here:
For the wardrobe I always prefer walk in one. It contains everything that Rakhi wanted: a place for hanging clothes and purses, lots of drawers and shelves. It's separated from the office space by the blurred glass sliding door.
This is one of my wedding presents to her. :)

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