Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Architectural competition for Kalenic market place (Belgrade) redesign

I was browsing some of my old works and I bumped into this :). I did this one with arch. Miroslava Petrovic Balubdzic many years ago. I really like this sketchy display of the model. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

getting to it

Still working on a small home office interior. Those are just preliminary sketches for the idea. Just as a reminder: this is a raw attic witch is going to be a small office interior for the start and maybe an apartment later. Client has most of the furniture (the brown once) so we have to fit it into the space and do all the finishing with as less money as possible. Also we were free to add some of the new furniture elements such as those white chairs, white kitchen table...
After seeing the direction of our ideas, client was very pleased and gave us a green light. There are lot of technical details still undefined that are going to be processed trough architectural plans and intersections.

Bathroom was very tricky to do. Since this used to be the terrace, the installations are pretty much improvised (they are running on the surface of the floor and we already have lower sealing). And the client was a bit pain in the... being in-determent. He was strictly against ceramic colors: green, orange, blue, red, yellow...the gray and black is ok but not for a whole bathroom, but he didn't know to tell us what is his preferred color (not that we had much left :)). And we are running on a low budget for the design. Witch means - we basically have the money to buy ceramic from the local producers. Luckily, they've just lunched a new 'lilac' series and the client was delighted. Otherwise, we would have to 'invent' a color for him :)).

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is the staircase that's going to be build in one of the buildings my company's building. It's redesigned cause the built sealing is higher than it was designed (on purpose, believe it or not :)). Since there's only this square whole left for the stairs, it was made as "round" once. Stairs with the round route are always tricky to solve in 2d so I got the assignment to be the support in this process with my architectural and 3d skills :).
Finishings, design of the walls and fences are not mine.