Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Website symbol design competition

swiss agency for development and cooperation's
symbol design competition
for website

symbol design competition work for website

local level civil participation and partial democracy support in cities and districts in Serbia.
(encouraging citizens to take part in processes in the cities)

February, 2007.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

city center jam

A while a go I went to a first time visit to my recent friend Anna who lives in the city center, right near the "Politika newspaper"'s office building. The building that she lives in is an old gallery type one, very modern in Belgrade of late century. Actually, most of the buildings in the city center has this structure. This means that the building has the entrance from the street to the inner yard. From the inner yard the approach to the apartments is from the stairs than trough galleries (instead of the halls) wich are directly above inner yard. This is kind of attractive and romantic style, specially since it has neoclassical decoration. But the fact less romantic is that there were two or so common bathrooms for each floor in those days. Nowadays, the standards are changed, so those apartments were adapted and the bathrooms were devided into few so every apartment has one.
So we are getting to the point. The three of us were drinking coffe and juice, water and who knows what else and got together till late hours. And than, I needed to use the toilet. Silence :). And she said "if you must..." cause I had to pass trough her parent's room (wich I didn't know since I was first time at her place). And it was really unpleasent...see why...

So, I saw the chalenge here. They are not so wealthy so this was another of my probono works. Most of the chalenge was the fact that I can not move the toilet from the place it is now, since I'd be too far from the main plumbing.
First thing on my mind is to use the high cealings and put the toilet on the higher ground level, so I get the holl in the floor for the shower.

When it's not in use, the shower is covered with liftup wooden platform. This way the platforma and the toilet are at the same level.

In entrance area I organized the kitchen and I eaven had some space to build a dining pult. On the left, I got some space for coat hanger. The entrance block should look like this.

Anna's room is on the right. She got privacy and more space. And not to mention independent bathroom entrance. Anna's room should look like this.

The parent's bedroom is on the left. They wanted to have a place to drink coffe or tea together, so I've made tham a corner near the attractive old fashioned window, with the foldable table, so they can gain more space when picking up the clothes :).

A corner for drinking an afternoon tea.

I've realized that this is an attractive bathroom solution, but probably not so practical and didn't think they'd like it so much. So, I came up with another bathroom solution.

This was more simple to do than the other one, but it is sepose to be built directly at scene, and I guessed that they'd like to make it eaven more sipmple - to actually buy a bath thub and just built it in. So, this is the 3.rd solution.

Anna and her familly were thirlled! But unfortunatly, they'll have to wait a better financial situation to realize their dream apartment. At the time it's realized, Anna wont' probably live with her parents any more (thank God! :))

What conforts me is that I gave all of tham something to thinka about and a hope that their old apartment can be a decent place to live or rent, who knows.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

twisted staircase

One of many solutions for staircase in enteriour of a penthouse in Moscow.

Overcoming the hight of 467 cm was addicional chalenge specially cause the appartmant is allmost finished and the space for the stairs is allready deffined (the construction and the upstairs pool).