Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And now something completely different...

Another option for kitchen interior for Moscow apartment. Since minimalistic design was too much for Denisov (the one u can see in older post) it's been remodeled. Aleksandr was delighted with the colours I used in the hall so he wanted the same in the kitchen.
Colour adjusting was by my associates Bane and Dejan (also architects) who are modeling after my drawings. I picked the tiles. Shapes and positioning of the elements by me. I think they'll like it even so the shapes are contemporary, Russians definitely like cheerful colours. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Denisov familly bedroom interior, Moscow

3d model is not done by me (all others on this blogs are), so some modifications have been made (it's a bit more creemy and orange-yellow comparing to what I wanted, tv model is not the quite I'd choose...and this plant...hmmm...but I just loooove this mirrors motive, so I had to put this render on :)...)...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turn over

Living room area

Dinning area

Ground floor plan

Section 1-1

Design for a house renewal/addition. Light gray area defines the old format of the house. It's a typical country side house in Serbia - made with no plan and therefore not so functional, not to talk about estethics.
So, the clients wanted to large up their living area, to get the dinning area which was not defined previously
. Also, they wanted additional room on the ground and first floor. They only had stairs outside the house, which is not so practical since the winter here can be very cruel, specially since this house is a bit in the countryside. So, I imputed the inner stairs which were used also to divide living and dinning area.
They needed central heating room, so I suggested to use the space below ground level which became bigger with this change of ground and first floor.
In order to make those changes, the roof had to be shaped differently (which was also client's wish) and therefore, new construction took place of the old one.

The task was complete since the clients were very pleased. The design was done last year (2008.) but still waits for it's realisation (in another words - it waits economical crisis to pass).

Primary school in Uzice /Serbia/ - my graduate design

Ground floor plan

Section 2-2

Section 1-1

Entrance view

This was the design I did for my graduation. It was done for actual location in Uzice - Serbia and on a land that is planned for it by authorities. The challenge was to make modern and functional shaped space in difficult natural conditions - small land proportions and height difference between first and the last point of the property.

I used those difficulties for advantages - putting the gymnastic hall partly in the ground but still providing natural source of light and fresh air for it. Flat roof of the hall is used like a terrace for the dinning and partly for an outside activities.
The school is friendly for kids with disabilities (ramps provide them to enter every corner of the school).
The roof (profile facade) is shaped to 'fit in' the terrain.
The professors was intrigued by my design (although they needed the time to catch up all the levels inside :)) and I got the highest degree.