Monday, June 21, 2010


The task here was to transform multi (small) room apartment into 'clear space' one. The client wanted to tear down some of the walls to gain wider space. The main problem was to divide new space and adjust it to the existing construction and installation block (near the kitchen) witch are not possible to change and at the same time avoiding long illogic hallways. 

By further workout on this apartment I've figured out that it can be even better 'packed'. The first change was the toilet that I didn't get the info about (I just got the drawings without the elements) - it can't be moved, although I've 'standardized' it since it was ridiculously small. The second thing the client wanted was the sink under the bar. Than I got to an idea that I could make two line kitchen, gain more space and avoid complications as thinking where would we move the radiators. They are at the same place just slightly moved. 
When you work as an architect you get all kinds of strange demands. This guy's demand was to make the entrance to the wardrobe from the hallway and he wanted to enter the bathroom directly from the bedroom. As I explained to him, wardrobe is usually used as tampon zone between the bedroom and the bathroom AND suppose to be private. I think I've convinced him this is a better solution, but just in case I'm giving him a glimpse of what his idea would look like and that can also be done (presented with red dashed line).
At the end, I gave him two variants of the hall. One with the wardrobe (for coats and shoes) for both him/his partner and the guests, and another one with those two divided.
Since he asked me so many questions last time we talked (he's not so good in understanding the space) I wrote him notes so he does :). They are in Serbian, I was really lazy to make the version in English and I all explained it above. :)

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