Thursday, January 26, 2012

Transformation of an ugly facade


previous design
This design was made by the architect that I didn't meet but has worked for my company. The building is positioned in the elite part of the city and it's appearance is not only from the last century but it's nothing of an elite house. So since the concrete structure is already built my assignment was to make current state looking better. So I modified the windows (at the same position as they already were) and hid the ugly narrow roof. Also removed those ugly decoration beams at the bottom of the roof. Made the facade more simple and contemporary.
The new condition for the building is to have one more parking place at the land. With this option, there's an issue of security (sure it looks better without fences) but it's difficult to organize fence closing and opening on such a small spot for a car. I'm still going to deal with that but for this phase it looks something like this :).

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