Thursday, February 24, 2011

Living room

I'm trying to do a bit of a renew of my living room without huge investments. All of the elements exist but in different colors than in a model. For instance: small cube under the tv is blue right now, coffee tables are brown, tabure is yellow and the wardrobe is also yellow (this used to be my sister's student's room :) ). Three walls are light yellow and one is blue. 
So now I'm trying to make it a bit modern with simple, cool colors. All of the transformations I'm about to do by myself. I'm going to use some help from the neighbors for painting the walls :).
I'm going to paint all of the furniture in white or silver. The effect that I want I'll probably get with auto spray. The finishing of the wardrobe will have the foto 'wallpaper' - sticker that I'm going to print specially for it. Also, I will remove the current handles and I might put new handles. Or leave it without them. 
In this option the tabure is white, with the new fabric that I'm going to saw for it. But looking at this picture, I'm feeling kind of nasty :) and do it in fake fur with zebra or leopard (syberian one hehe).
The lamps are going to be from IKEA, on a bit longer cable.

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