Thursday, March 18, 2010

A guest house

Intersection with views

Ground plan

1. Entrance; 2. Kitchen; 3. Dining; 4. Living room; 5. Bedroom; 6. Bathroom; 7. Porch; 8. Wardrobe; 9. Toilet; 10. Kitchen; 11. Living room; 12. Salon for celebrations/Fitness

This design was made a year ago at my previous company. I was asked to design a guest house with the celebration room witch I proposed to be a fitness room when not using for celebrations. The client has most unusual request such as: he didn't want any windows on the walls that are at the edge of the property. The other request was, since he owns the land that's next to this land he wanted to have 'fluent' space between those two. That is the ability to connect spaces. That was arranged by the porch and the living room (11.) and the sliding glass facade. The client also wanted a salon which can receive 40 people for celebrations. Since it's suppose to be used just few times a year, I suggested that it can be divided by prefabricated movable wall which is dividing the salon into two rooms: one for chair/table storage, and the other one for fitness machines - facing the pool. At this part of the house there's a small kitchen not for cooking but as a base for delivering food right before consuming. The guest part of the house is pretty minimal but it was dictated by client's wishes and property's limitations. Bathroom and kitchen were switched in the previous variant (it can be seen in intersection) since it's better to have a communication between the kitchen and dining and it's not so good to face the bathroom doors from the dinning. Besides, it's more logic to place a bathroom near the entrance since it's used by the guests too. But, since the client wanted it this way, I used the new position of the kitchen to provide more natural light with a extra window facing the pool.
The roof is angled due to the intensive atmosphere conditions in Serbia (snow and rain). The house is positioned near Belgrade airport (the client is a flight supervisor working for JAT airways in Moscow).
The house is finished while I was already at the other job, but it's not nearly alike to design. The volume and the shape yes, the disposition of the windows, doors and rooms yes, but not the materialization and variations of door/window finishings, slight details and the quality of the way it was build I don't even want to comment. I'd rather not post the photo. :) It's strange how one precise drawing can be interpretated and 'seen' in so many different ways.

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